Susan Sheppard

I help people seeking true intimacy in a hot relationship, get what they want from each other so that they can experience more fun, great sex and less bickering.


Susan Sheppard is the founder of Getting What You Want, a life and relationship coaching organization created for the purpose of providing women access to the power they already have to get exactly what they want in every facet of their life. She is the author of the book “How to Get What You Want From Your Man Anytime”, a relationship book that tells everyone in romantic relationships how to be content and have more fun, great sex and less bickering.

Susan is a speaker, writer, trainer and coach who is passionate about true intimacy and her crusade against indifferent relationships. With an intense, straight-talking, compassionate manner, she targets the core issues and quickly moves you in the direction of getting what you want. She enrolls you in her passionate movement towards meaningful love and life.

Here are some of Susan’s accomplishments:

Designer of courses created to move participants in the direction of true intimacy.
Editor’s Choice Award for “How to Get What You Want From Your Man Anytime”
Author of the script “The Love Coach”
R.N. since 1964
37 years of Crisis Intervention in Emergency Services, 17 years of ER Management.
20 years of Relationship Coaching, study with Jack Rafferty of More University and Barbara DeAngelis
Business School Graduate and three years of Business Coaching with Michael Gerber
Owner/Partner in four start up businesses: Marketing in the Waterbed Industry, Executive Search in the Oil Industry, Operations in the Construction Industry, Production Management in the Entertainment Industry

She has three daughters, five grandchildren and lives in Glendale with her family.