How to Get What You Want from Your Man Anytime Book

How to Get What You Want from Your Man Anytime by Susan Sheppard (Author)

Using proven examples and straight-talking common sense, Susan Sheppard shows women how to find the right man, and never to settle for less than what they want. Women have the power in the bedroom and that is where every romantic male-female relationship gets sourced.

How to Get What You Want from Your Man Anytime will empower you to:

Assume and not abuse your feminine power in the love game

Find and attract the perfect man for you

Discover the three essential elements for a relationship that works

Know when to give up on a man and yell, "Next"

Rise above your doubts and be direct

Recognize when to raise the stakes in your relationship

Keep sex as hot as it was in the beginning

Clean and revive a relationship that has gone stale

Have a long-lasting, powerful, passionate, loving, satisfying, relationship with the man of your choice

Susan is a romantic adventurer who loves life and the people she encounters along her journey. She has a perceptive, sensitive message, which touches every woman's core, and inspires self-esteem in a surprising, compelling manner.

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Dating After 40 No More Excuses

Dating after 40 No More Excuses

This tiny book addresses and destroys the common excuses that single people use to justify their lack of a romantic partner. Offers helpful suggestions to enter the dating game at any age.

Kindle Edition $.99

Paperback Edition $1.99 includes shipping

Discover your Identity

Discover your Identity: 15 Stories by Real People to Inspire and Ignite Your Soul

What is the source of your Identity? What you do is not who you are!

Your Identity is self-created. It is a reflection of your values, beliefs, family, genetics, physical traits, environment, religious learnings and personal experiences. Your Identity is your heart and soul and the part of you that feels everything and the cumulative sensation of every moment of every single personal experience that you have ever lived. We have gathered a series of stories depicting various incidents in a handful of real people's lives to hopefully touch a part of you that is buried deep inside of you, begging for attention in order for you to grow as a human being on your short visit to this earth. I hope that one will touch you in a way that moves you.

Susan Sheppard and Sue Brooke met at a business marketing mastermind where they discovered that their messages were not only compatible but each actually enhanced the other. They also discovered that working together they were able to create catalytic and exponential results that neither of them could have achieved alone. The first of these endeavors is the book Discover Your Identity.

Kindle Edition $.99

Paperback Edition $14.95

Selling with Synchronicity

Selling with Synchronicity: The 7 Inner Shifts that Make Selling Fun & Easy

In Selling with Synchronicity, Sales Expert and Coach Ursula Mentjes expands the sales conversation beyond the selling process, and even the principles of her bestselling book Selling with Intention, into the realm of quantum physics, where ease, flow, and fun replace hard work, inconsistency, and frustration. On a mission to help Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals quickly and easily make a lot of money so they can give back to the organizations they care about and live a powerful life, Ursula is sharing the 7 Inner Shifts that she made to transform a sales team losing tens of thousands of dollars every month into one that generated millions monthly, to grow her own business exponentially in a short amount of time, and to make Selling with Intention a bestseller on her terms when the industry-norm just didn't feel right. Making these 7 Inner Shifts will allow you to:

Attract the Clients You Really Want to Work With
Set, Magnetize, and Achieve Your Sales Goals Consistently and With Less Effort
Create and Leverage Circles of Influence to Grow Your Sales Faster
Release the Money Beliefs that Keep You from Expanding Your Bottom Line
Live Inside the Flow and Increase Your Faith in the Magic that Awaits You
To demonstrate how the smallest shift can transform one's sales results, Ursula asked the members of her Synchronize Mastermind to share their personal stories of how making just one of these shifts completely changed their lives in a short amount of time.

Are you ready to stop working so hard AND make more money?

Paperback edition $16.95

RockStar Success Stories

RockStar Success Stories: Inspirational Stories of Success by Extraordinary "RockStars"

Susan Sheppard, an author in this book, is a professional speaker, author,coach, and creator of Getting What You Want, Inc. Susan speaks to singles who want a relationship about men-women differences, raising self-esteem and getting what you want in life. Susan is healing one relationship at a time with her unique Love with CLASS system.

"RockStar Success Stories: Inspirational Stories of Success by Extraordinary 'RockStars'” features 49 stories by written by a wide range of successful people. Featured authors include Dean Cain (Superman), Derrick Hall (President & CEO of the Arizona Diamondbacks), Glenn Morshower (Aaron Pierce form the hit TV Show, 24), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), and Craig Duswalt (professional speaker and author of six books). Each author shares either a specific story or a period of time where something happened to them, or they were inspired to take action, and that event changed their lives forever. "RockStar Success Stories" helps regular people believe that anything is possible, and that anyone can become a RockStar in their business or in their daily life. Bottom line---"RockStar Success Stories" rocks. Need some inspiration? RockStar Success Stories. Need to get motivated? RockStar Success Stories. Or if you simply want to see how successful people became successful---RockStar Success Stories.

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Kindle Version: $7.99

Discover Your Inspiration

Discover Your Inspiration: Real Stories by Real People to Inspire and Ignite Your Soul

Inspiration is only the beginning of your journey from where you are now, to where you want to be. The rest is up to you. The difference you make will be directly related to the actions you take.

Inspiration is most powerful when we hear stories from ‘ordinary’ people who have done extraordinary things, overcame a great adversity, or did something to help others without expectation. This book is filled with stories from real people who have amazing stories. When you start taking action on inspiration, magical things start to happen. Just as when you throw a stone into a pond, the ripples spread far, so when you put your inspirations into motion, others who are searching will take notice and be inspired too.

-Susan Sheppard is the founder of Getting What You Want, Inc., a life and relationship coaching organization created to teach sacred intimacy in all personal relationships. She is the author of the books How to Get What You Want From Your Man Anytime and Dating After 40: No More Excuses.

Paperback Version : $14.95