I am going to talk to you about your Sex Life!

Erotic Love - Susan SheppardErotic thoughts are not foreign to women. Although women lean more towards love and emotional involvement, women like sex as much as men do. Women however, are hesitant to exhibit their true appetite for sex because they fear that their level of desire will intimidate men. Women also resist being the aggressor in sex because they don’t want to appear to be too experienced.

So when a woman says, I want to spend a weekend in bed with you, it can strike terror into the minds of a lot of men. To men, sex and love are entirely separate. I think they have separate circuitry in their brains and if they happen to get sex and love at the same time, it can short circuit their brains. Okay, remember I said I may make a lot of generalizations? This is one of them.

Someone told me that women need a reason for sex and men just need a place. As I have said before in my book, men and women are different. The bottom line is that women are in charge of sex. They get to decide when, where, and for how long the sexual encounter will continue, and if it will ever happen again.

By now you are wondering where this information is leading. More will be revealed to you as we progress. This is an intimate segment of your life that is rarely addressed. Allow me to enroll you in a fresh perspective about love and sex.

We all deserve to have pleasure in our lives. Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for pleasure.

Love, Susan

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